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An entrepreneur's contribution to society can not be measured by wealth, external to see if he created a society can not be replaced by the value of others, at home, depending on whether it created a good culture.
- Wenyan Tang

Article I: Our aim is to become the Yangtze River Delta influential boutique suppliers. Provide consumers with high-quality services, to provide staff with a platform for the realization of value for the community to create wealth and opportunities.

Article II: Our business philosophy is "ideal for climbing on, to speak with the details." And "bit by bit to improve, never-ending." Piled up with the details of quality, with a high degree of fine achievements, going its own way, continue to reform and innovation, and constantly go beyond the self - .

Article III: We have stressed that enterprises should honest, responsibility, adhere to standards of transparency and the principle of the sun to operate, business is not simply the pursuit of profit maximization, all the business activities of enterprises to withstand the test of morality and the public.

Article IV: the principle of our management, accurate, concise, clear, transparent and consistent; team interests above personal interests, the team stronger than the individual capacity; to create a harmonious and happy working environment, simple and sincere advocate of human relationships.

Article V: Our market outlook is based on customer satisfaction as a yardstick to measure all the work. We value customer satisfaction, word of mouth instead of a one-sided emphasis on the pursuit of advertising effect; We believe that one per cent of business failures, that is, 100% loss of customers; in the eyes of customers, each employee represents the company, in the eyes of employees, each customers are of God; customers are the most scarce resources, the evolution of trends in customer values guide us in the direction of the service.

Article VI: We believe that talent is the most important resources, competent staff is a wealth of business; the business goals and personal values of employees together is the highest state of human work; all staff on equality in terms of personality, development opportunities in front of everyone and so on; enterprises to share the results with staff, employees and businesses grow.

Article VII: We insist on the development of the enterprises themselves, and strive to create value for society. The value embodied in the law, paying taxes, providing more employment opportunities, pay attention to environmental protection as well as a positive contribution to the charity. This is the corporate social responsibility can not be avoided.

Article VIII: Our code of conduct that is: honest and trustworthy, match words with deeds, magnanimous mind, open and aboveboard; professional responsibility, devotion to duty to obey the leadership of Public and clearly dividing; compliance, discipline, solidarity, mutual cooperation.

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