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Ultimate Card
Published:2009-3-16 Views:557

Welcome you to join Ultimate Member Changxing. We are very honored to recommend to you the amount of ¥ 1888 yuan's " Changxing  Ultimate Card" Once you have this card, you will enjoy exclusive VIP treatment and your privileges.
First, the value of 1888 yuan instantly receive the Changxing Group's property value coupons

1, Changxing Ramada Yancheng-Park Hotel  three dining coupons, valued at 150 yuan

2, Changxing Ramada Yancheng-Park Hotel stay voucher Deluxe 2, stores the value of 1716 yuan

3, Changxing Ramada Yancheng-Park Hotel  lobby coffee bar quality coffee tasting coupons Blue Mountain 1

Second, the amount of recharge Changxing  Ultimate Card ¥ 1888 yuan in the following areas may choose to consume and enjoy the corresponding rights and interests of Ultimate

1, can be  Changxing Ramada Yancheng-Park Hotel Business for all consumer

Ramada Check the implementation of the hotel can enjoy discounts at 9.5 (to enjoy late check-out, visual delay the housing situation in the day to 15:00)

Ramada Hotels catering to the consumer can enjoy discounts of 9.5 (seafood, except for cigarettes and drinks)

Enjoy the hotel's swimming pool, gym, sports and recreational projects, such as foot bath "Supreme Member price"

2, may choose to Changxing  hotel room occupancy for the consumer

3, the option in the new North Changxing hotel catering to the consumer

Third, card Know

1, this card is valid for the use of recharge cards or open 1-year period from the date of effective

2, this card does not participate in the seasonal hotel packages promotions activities

3, this card may not be a one-time for more than 5 banquet tables, conferences and other consumption

4, this card is not available if the amount is no longer enjoy the supreme interests of members of consumer preferences

5, this card each time the amount of charge from ¥ 1888 yuan to 1888 yuan RMB to enjoy the value of the gift coupons

6, the safekeeping of cardholder need this card, such as damaged or lost, can re-submit the ID card to card issuers Department

7, Changzhou Changxing Group Co., Ltd. have terminated the use of this card and the right to decide all disputes

Advisory Tel :0519 - 89858888

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